What are we if not a coming together

of things, processes and intentions?

Dynamic balance –

Let it occilate

Let it build

From evertything to nothing

from within to without.

Let it swing – through one realm to the next,

Let it stand - with one world next to the other

let it be the simple manifestation

of time and space





What are the building blocks of your time and space? In the sereis Haus, it is the aim to activate a co-creation with the audience. The cast objects invite the participant to slow down, balance, listen and act by selecting from the range of minimalistic pieces and use them as building blocks to erect a land- or cityscape of their own here and now, thus creating a portrait of those that engage.


The series consists of HAUS Podiums, HAUS Forms and HAUS Pendulums


Concrete objects – Installation series of pigemented concrete in various forms and shapes

Ongoing project since October 2017

HAUS Pendulums exhibited at Stine Goya – Earth.Body.Mind.


Window Installation, Copenhagen and Aarhus, October 2017






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