Landscape Portrait #5, Thomas Kerk, Amsterdam.


You are passed on

as you pass away.

You move until you stop

and then you move me

in-between the certainties.


You become the archive

the stage, the monument,

where death and eternity

finally unmasks

and reveals themselves

as the same

fruiting body.


You become an image

a portrait

of the landscape

containing us,

at the time of our goodbye

– the everdrifting

bodies of water

that is both you and me.


Sculpture series

Epoxy resin, flora and fungi from Kongelunden and Værløse, Denmark, limestone rocks, concrete, jesmonite, stone and oak.


Dawn Exhibition, Nomad Workspace, 3 Days of Design, 2018

Curated by Sandra Kejlskov and Natalia Sanchez


Exhibition Documentation





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