Mycelium Moon, installation view, close up. Photo by Vejle Kunstmuseum


As an applied posthumanist gaze, this installation work explores an entanglement of biology, technology and industry to imagine a new set of navigational narratives for the future, and to renegotiate what constitutes the concept of life in a broad sense, beyond a mere human subjectivity. The work consists of an iron frame upholding a moving body that incorporates industrial materials such as iron, silicone and epoxy, biological entities such as algae and water, and technological soft robotic matter, seeking to unify a divided sense of materiality. It moves and responds to the site specific environment through a network of code, sensors, tubes, pumps, valves, water and air pressure, becoming a dynamic living being that points towards a flow of becoming that crosses species, perspectives and narratives towards an affirmative posthumanist future mythology.

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