Trailerpark Festival 2016

ArtRebels + Space10

The Awkward Curiosity of Interacting Non Sense, culminated into 4 individual black box experiences, hidden and scattered in an inauspicious manner for those who gazed openly, curiously and engaged with their senses. Contained within these structures, one met the perceptual effect of user controlled, interchanging immersion into 'The Light Box' allowing the user to simultaneously allow their mood to be affected by their choice of light, and vice versa. One could also engage in the gift of giving an experience of unheard music to another in a structure named 'The Harp'. Here, individuals were invited to stand within a hanging acoustic harp which amplified the playing of the individuals outside, who struggled to hear their own music, thus relying on their sense of body and feeling to create a soundscape. 'Time' would seem to swallow individuals, who would apparently enter and disappear behind a black wall, to find hanging sculptures flowing with sand representing the process of time and the individuals role and relationship to time. The final piece was a 3 person 'House of Pels', which evoked childlike innocence, playfulness and secrecy. Asked to enter at floor level, once inside, one would enter complete immersion into colourful, textured fur, a complete contrast to the outside world. Seeing only the engaged bodies of those interacting with the peices, the user obtains a sense of privacy in the public sphere whilst providing an object for the gaze of others that want in on the secret.


Interactive Installation

Wood, concrete, silicone, plaster, sand, fur, nylon strings, lights and vinyl.

July 2016





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