Studio  Thinkinghand is founded by Rhoda Ting (b. 1985, AUS) and Mikkel Dahlin Bojesen (b. 1988, DK) and are currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The duo work primarily with sculpture and performative installations that are co-created with biological, elemental and synthetic life forms, bringing together science, industry, technology and philosophy. Exploring cracks of Eurocentric Humanism, their practice looks towards contemporary theories such as Posthumanism, Vitalist Materialism and Queer Ecology to navigate towards affirmative speculative futures. Embodying and applying these theories in their artistic practice as a methodology and gaze that seeks to decentralise the human to a species amongst species and re-negotiate what constitutes and ‘Life’ and ‘Agency’, their works practice observing, relating, entangling and intra-acting with other than human entities. Their works as thus, diffract various gazes across times, spaces, perspectives, species and scales.

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