Studio Thinkinghand is an artist duo formed by Rhoda Ting (b. 1985, AUS) and Mikkel Dahlin Bojesen (b. 1988, DK) based between Copenhagen and Melbourne. Throughout their work, ‘Nature’ and ‘Culture’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Synthetic’ and ‘Pure’ and ‘Feral’ do not exhibit clear boundaries but rather, Life is in constant open synthesis. They seek to revise ways in which humXns participate in planetary interconnectedness as composite entities where nothing is individual, inviting the meetings between organic biological processes with industry, technology and science. Through these intra-actions, Studio ThinkingHand’s works present contemplations and imaginations of co-creation, co-existence and co-evolution into the unknown.

Represented by Gether Contemporary

Flaesketorvet 77-79, 1711 Copenhagen V