Studio Thinkinghand is an art duo formed by Rhoda Ting (b. 1985, AUS) and Mikkel Dahlin Bojesen (b. 1988, DK) currently based in Kalvehave, close to Copenhagen, Denmark. Their works focus on methods of listening, relating and co-creating with other than human species such as fungi, bacteria and  ecosystems as well as, synthetic life such as soft robotics, making visible stories, intelligences, and life beyond the human gaze. Bringing together science, technology and industry, their work investigates speculative futures, and explores philosophies that can move us collectively and affirmatively beyond the anthropocene. Drawing inspiration from contemporary disciplines such as queer ecology, posthumanism and vitalist materialism, they seek to apply and revise ways in which humans participate in a dynamic web of planetary interconnectedness. They imagine a future of co-evolution, queer futurity and adaptability in which we look towards borderzones and relationality, challenging human exceptionalism and reductive notions of binary categorisations between Nature and Culture, the organic and the synthetic and the pure and feral.

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