“Off the coast from the Magma Geopark there is an amphidromic point – a place with zero tidal amplitude. This has always affected life there - from Egersund to Jøssingfjord, both above and below sea level. With the Amphibiome Project, the artist duo Studio ThinkingHand invites you to explore this phenomenon through a journey to the seabed outside of Sokndal and Eigersund. Five disks made of different materials were placed on the seabed. Through this, the artists invited nature to co-create the pieces and provided room for nature’s chaotic images. The five disks are now placed as permanent installations along the coast: the first three in Jøssingfjord in 2024, and two by the harbour in Egersund in 2025. With this project, the artists seek to raise awareness about the interplay of humans and the sea and challenge us to think about our role in preserving biodiversity for future generations.” 

- Curator Ida Højgaard Thjømøe

Glass, wood and concrete submerged in the sea around Skarvøyholmen proccessed by the fjord for 9 months.

Resin, galvanized steel, corten steel, polycarbonate and Sedum.

Initiative, funding and curation: Ida Højgaard Thjømøe

Production and installation: Cecilie Esper, Architect MAA

Diving and research: Erling Svensen

Metalwork: Smededesign

Photos and film: I Do Art Agency

Jøssingfjord Vitenmuseum, Norway, 2024