Archetype consists of five circular light boxes, in which fungi and microbes have been allowed to develop and create organic images in predetermined rhizomatic patterns. Inspiration for the patterns derives from the fungi’s subterranean network of hyphae, the archetype of other rhizomatic patterns, known, for example, from nerve cells in the brain (astrocytes), the cosmic web in the universe, and the intricate Internet network. The light boxes on the wall are linked in a network of burnished steel, lighting up and accentuating the electric impulses used by fungi for communication – the shape of the sculpture itself is rhizomatic just like the fungal subterranean network.

The project is backed financially by: the Danish Arts Foundation, Den Jyske Kunstfond, BHJ Fonden, and the Aabenraa Municipal Visual Arts Committee. The works are the property of Aabenraa Municipality.

Production and Installation: Louis-Jensen Metalværksted

Lights: Studio Temporal

CNC-milling: Beta Factory

Curation and management: Creator Projects

Patterns formed by hyphae, mycelia, astrocytes, the cosmic web, and Internet structures CNC-milled in polycarbonate; fungi from Novozymes, microbes from soil samples, agar, resin, acrylic, burnished steel, LED lights.

Apotekerpassagen, Ramsherred 20, Aabenraa, Denmark