In EVOLUTIONS the Danish-Australian artist duo Studio ThinkingHand, presents a series of narratives showing nature as a freely growing network of interconnected intelligences. In the exhibition, Studio ThinkingHand have based their work on scientific research movements, which are currently redirecting our understanding of the Theory of Evolution from a linear process of development to something more random, chaotic and complex. Recent research indicates that evolution is going on all the time, as a surge of simultaneous relations and adjustments, creating hybrids between species. The exhibition examines whether rewriting our beginnings can open up possible new directions for the world of the future.

With glass as a prism, EVOLUTIONS explores the border zones between art and science. From microscopic life going on everywhere around us, through the effects of technology on our surroundings, to the geological period in which it is all happening.

Works produced with support from The Danish Arts Foundation

GLAS - Museet for Glaskunst

28.05.2023 - 07.01.2024

With support from The Danish Arts Foundation