Rather than being the object of our protest, how do we listen loudly to the fugue of many voices acting with autopoietic agency and open ourselves to the alterity of counterpoints, fragmented flows and dialogues of the ‘Not one’?

As you pass away – in-between the certainties

where death and eternity finally unmasks

and reveals themselves as the same fruiting body:

Hard edges erode,

what otherwise might remain apart, are dissolved, softened and united.

You become the archive, the stage, the monument,

the everdrifting body of water

where all waters have flowed into the vast reservoir of life.

The great receptacle of the landscape

of repeated meetings.

Living in simultaneous eras of the end of the fourth industrial revolution and the sixth mass extinction, brings about a change of scale in our thinking, where Humanist understandings of ‘Human’ and advanced capitalistic strivings no longer suffice. We have become larger than a biological entity and now wield a geological force. A Posthuman gaze expands the notion of subjectivity and calls for self reflexivity on the part of the subjects who occupy the former humanist centre. Decentralising the human to a species amongst species and breaking down the border zones of the human-nature and life-death continuums, in proposing an enlarged sense of inter and intra-connection with non-human others and an open curiosity for disharmony, rediscovers Humanist cracks in an imaginative gaze as sites for new explorations and production of meanings - A journey of multiple possible pasts and futures, entangled in an unpredictable and open ended mosaic of spatial rhythms and temporal arcs. 

How do we play in this planetary Fugue? When do we listen? When do we sing?  Who and What am I now intra-acting and entangling with in a polyphony of new configurations, new subjectivities, new possibilities?

Bringing together the biological, industrial and technological, Studio ThinkingHand’s exhibition ‘FUGUE’ explores a journey beyond the cracks of Humanism into an embodiment and application of a posthuman gaze towards possible affirmative futures. In practising observing, relating and entangling across perspectives, scales, time, species and elements the artist’s processes embrace a co-creation of intra-actions and entanglements outside of human control.

Solo exhibition with special performances by NULEINN, My Djørup and My Nilsson + VO/FT

Works produced with support from The City of Copenhagen Council of Visual Art

KVIT Gallery, Copenhagen. 


With support from the City of Copenhagen, Council of Visual Art