Cirripedia embodies a process of entanglement over time within site specific ecosystems. Over 2 months, from May to June 2018 during Vejle Kinstmuseum’s annual Floating Arts exhibition, our work Mycelium Moon was exhibited in Vejle Fjord as a living sculpture to entangle with the surrounding ecosystem. Upon disassembling the sculpture, the wooden plates that held the mycelium panels had become host for Cirripedia to live and grow, showcasing details of life forming on a different scale of time and below the surface than from the human perspective.

Cirripedia Barnacles grown over two months on the installation work Mycelium Moon in Vejle fjord during Floating Arts 2018 by Vejle Kunstmuseum.

Barnacles, plywood, clear epoxy and oak framing. 

50 x 65 cm