Deep Time, Studio ThinkingHand, 2023 Photo: Kasper Palsnov


Deep Time is a work that examines distant time that lies beyond the human horizon, and the traces of the history of development stored by the planet over time. This deep time scale covers the whole of the planet’s development. Our presence takes up only a minuscule part, and both the past and the future can be observed from a totally different perspective. At the entrance to Deep Time, a video installation shows the journey down through an ice core drilling, going 2.7 million years back in time. The glass columns take the form of ice cores and contain sediment from a variety of extreme environments in the Arctic Sea bed, where life is evolving in directions that have been unknown until now. Here you can find among other things, underwater mud volcanoes, hydrothermal springs and methanotrophic bacteria. The sediment is up to 12,000 years old and mainly consists of organic material that falls to the bottom of the sea like snow.

Sediment from the Arctic Ocean from research projects carried out by the University of Tromsø (including material collected by Studio ThinkingHand on board the research vessel Kronprins Haakon in June 2022) embedded in glass columns.

Steel, acrylic, light and video material from ice core drilling, collected under the US Ice Drilling Program and the Center for Oldest Ice Exploration (COLDEX) and REV Ocean.

Thanks to the European Marine Board’s EMBracing the Ocean programme