Habitats, Studio ThinkingHand, 2023


Habitats is a film which shows how a selection of marine animals react and adapt to a series of sculptures of diatoms in glass, which Studio ThinkingHand have developed in collaboration with the glass studio at GLAS - Museum of Glass Art and biologists from the Kattegat Centre in Grenaa. The film is a visual journey to investigate how we humans can form new ethics of care for the species with which we co-exist. How can we form positive environments for marine life in a time when we have left sea beds barren, temperatures are rising, and the shells of crustaceans are becoming thinner because the ocean is absorbing CO2 from the air? Habitats considers relationships across species, and highlights adaptation as one of the most important factors in the development of species.

Single Channel video work in 3 chapters. Full duration: 16:05

Glass - Museum for Glass Art, filmed in various aquariums at Kattegatcenteret, Grenaa. 2023

Concept: Studio ThinkingHand

Cinematographer: Phillip Jørgensen

Composer: Ingvild Njølstad Skandsen