Landscape Portrait #8, Close up. 2019. Photo: STH


The Landscape Portrait series acts as an archive of time and place as we are amidst a global ecological shift where species are in migration. Focus is paused on the process of encounters, decay, collapse and death in the intra-action and meeting between biology and industry, organic and synthetic. Rather than a striving for an unattainable nostalgic purity and an essentialist notion of ‘Natural’ ‘Nature’, curiosity is located in a collective speculative future of relationality. Each work combines locally foraged wild species such as fungi, lichens, moss and flora combined with organic oyster mushroom agriculture waste. The mixture of differing levels of water content and fibrous strength of matter reacts with the epoxy resin resulting in white fluid markings and natural pigmentation. The series is a practice in decentralising the humxn to a facilitator and a species amongst species in co-creation with other than human beings.

"In the universe I inhabit, I meet, I relate, I transform, i become"

Series of wall mounted sculptures.