Membrane, 2017


Festival of Future Nows, Institute für Raumexperimente, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Collaboration w/ Nana Francisca Schottländer.

There are some things;

bodies, borders, membranes

along with all other things –

things amongst things

in spaces, non-spaces, all-spaces

touching creating friction

moving because of friction

stretching into shape

given the opportunity

– becoming divisions, prisons

showing the showing of

things within things

within things and their state

the struggle innate

this is all we are:

visible and mobile

What do we become when we dehumanize the human? Particles moving, colliding, interacting? Membrane is a ten hour durational performance piece of bodies continuously moving through a narrow satin membrane and back again. Repeated. Cyclic. Transormative. Becoming. Throughout the performance, external elements like feathers, honey and sand to alter the journey to the bodies that are interacted with. Seeking to decivilize the human body and relating to organisms and movements on other than the human scale, Membrane moves from theories of particle physics and spiritual repetition to examine the clash of entities and the entanglement of meaning and matter.

10 hours durational site specific performance installation.

Satin, wire, waterpumps, buckets, fans, chairs, water, honey, feathers, rocks, rope and sand.

Nana Francisca Schottländer, Mikkel Dahlin Bojesen, Rune Bosse, Rhoda Ting and Martin Heise.

September 2017.

Photos by Studio ThinkingHand and Diana Tørsløv Møller