Floating Art 2018, Vejle Kunstmuseum

Exhibited as part of Vejle Kunstmuseum’s group show Floating Arts, 2018, Mycelium Moon constitutes a meeting between two ecosystems; the marine and a sculptural biological living organism of mycelium and fungi. Pointing to the philosophies of deep ecology, hydro-feminism and the entanglements of meaning and matter, the work connects water and fungi as wise beings in their own right that holds a strength in fragility and intra-connectivity in a dynamic ecological cycle. Growing research into the future of fungi and mycelium shows properties that can help us move out of the anthropocenic industrial gaze and into ecological sustainability. At the forefront of this research, is the innovation of its use to replace disposable plastics, build strong water resistant buoyant compounds and replace bricks for use in architecture amongst others. 

The living planet-like organism consists of twelve species of mushrooms existing on a base of oyster mushroom mycelium grown on hemp and floats on self grown reishi and oyster mushroom panels and bricks. As a living and biodegradable buoy, the floating sculpture Mycelium Moon represents a new mode of navigating in a rapidly changing world, and a flowing with and through our other than human kinships. 

‘’...time and space, like matter and meaning, come into existence, are iteratively reconfigured through each intra-action, thereby making it impossible to differentiate in any absolute sense between creation and renewal, beginning and returning, continuity and discontinuity, here and there, past and future.’’   

–  Karen Barad

Floating installation

Various edible mushroom mycelia, hemp and straw substrate, wood and willow

With support from The Danish Art Foundation. 

June 2018

With support from The Danish Arts Foundation