Network, 2017


Roskilde Festival 2017, Art Zone

Collaboration w/ Rune Bosse

We are drawn into a ring of rounded edges, being pulled up.

The invisible becomes visible. We cannot see, cannot hear, cannot speak.

What is it that we don’t understand? What is it that we dont have to understand?

We are dancing in the middle, between eternity and ego.

We disappear in the mist and meet where we dissolve.

The chlorophyll mixes with the blood. We let go.

Where we don’t exist, we are found.

Where we disappear in the horizon, our world begins.

Where we dance, we sprout.

Where we love, we grow roots and become more than One.

Why not human? How human?

Immersed in thick smoke and deep frequency vibrations, the six biological server towers of wheat roots, situated in a circle, stands as an exploration of the complex and rhizome-like systems that make up the fundamental entanglements of existence. Going into methods such as interactivity and embodiment the Installation piece Network invites into an examination across senses and rationality, and seeks to raise awareness towards the deep connectivity of the surrounding world, in a ritual-like state.

Immersive Installation

Wheat grass, wood, sound and fog machines.

July 2017