The quantum field is the imaginative and theroretical, yet very real realm where all basic units of the human navigation cease to exist. It is outside of time, outside of scale and outside of mass. It is the smallest and the largest in a collapse of the known universe.


Quantum Field is a temporary performative site specific work at Lake Crosbie in Murray-Sunset National Park, Australia, that plays on perspective, mass and collapse of scale in which basic units of the human navigation are challenged. In this work a posthuman mode of being is being explored over 3 days in dialogue with the environment. The sculpture is created by salt crystals from the lake, and the lake is in turn revealed to itself. Measuring at 11m long and 3m wide, the sculpture changes from a circle to a line when viewed from different perspectives and characteristic alter when exposed to heat, rain and wind throughout the seasons. In creating a piece that will continue to interact and evolve over time beyond human control, we open up to the unknown, entangling ourselves with nature.

Site specific sculpture

Lake Crosbie Pink Salt Lake, Murray-Sunset National Park, North West Victoria, Australia

Reconfiguration of Salt, 11 x 3 meters.

Printed work, Documentation.