Research for Network, 2017


SMK x Roskilde Festival, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.

Collaboration w/ Rune Bosse

What happens when we close our eyes?

– When we find ourselfes  in the vast void

of the dark illuminated room.

What happens when we listen?

listen to the  frequencies,

and fertilize the seeds with our pressence.

Why not human? How human?

Research for Network is a non directed participatory performance installation at the Danish National Gallery (SMK) that encouraged the audience to move from passive spectator to embodied agent, becoming the artwork itself. Audiences were invited to be blindfolded and feel their way through the grains that was later grown for the installation piece Network at Roskilde Festival 2017. Accompanied by a 7 hertz vibration called the Schumann resonance and known as the vibration of the earth, the audience would lay off their visual sense and dive into a guided meditation of the human relationship to our immediate surroundings.

Interactive  Installation

Wheat seeds, wood, sound and  blindfolds.

May 2017