Rhizome, Studio ThinkingHand, 2023 Photo: Kasper Palsnov


A rhizome is a term for a free growing network, without a centre, seen for example in the root systems of fungi. Studio ThinkingHand proposes a rhizome as a metaphor for our understanding of evolution. It emphasises the entangled and chaotic way the world develops, in contrast to the idea of the classic “Pedigree of man” family tree, with its linear development. The work consists of more than a hundred glass cells with species of fungi embedded in petri dishes, spreading throughout the room like a rhizome. It focuses on the patterns and diversity which are the reasons why fungi are considered to be among the organisms that are best at adapting to new environments. Perhaps we can learn from them in the future.

Fungal cultures from Novozymes, agar, plastic, resin, glass, wood and light.