Three Bodies of Water, TIDE, Tinkerup Strand, 2020 Foto: I Do Art Agency


Celestial bodies and gravitational forces move tide and coastline landscapes in a constant and powerful ebb and flow. The Tide series documents the repeated meetings between industrial materials with the oceans and planetary forces, salt, oxidation, wind, water, rocks, seaweed to register intra-relating life in the intertidal region over time, rendering nature as painter.

All waters have flowed through the vast reservoir of life.

Timeless and changeless, it is fluid and whole. Hard edges erode.

What otherwise might remain apart, are dissolved, softened and united.

The great receptacle of the landscape.

Turn and return through the force of gravity to pure space.

Syzygy. Repeated meetings.

Nourishing darkness.

Vast void and power.

We are all bodies of water


The 3 oxidised iron plates are registrations of the 3 bodies of water around Denmark, Kattegat, Baltic Sea and the Northern Sea in repeated meetings and intra-actions. As in syzygy when 3 or more celestial bodies are aligned, Tidal forces are either reinforced causing bimonthly Tidal phenomena of spring tides or counteract each other resulting in neap tides with the lowest tidal ranges. This work explores the entanglements and intra-actions between humans, industry and nature as a reminder that we are all bodies of water in flows of becoming and transformations.

Iron plate markings.

Various times, various sizes.